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With all the big announcements, have you picked your favorite? Hit us up for any comments, tips or special offers, and if you love your work, share site posts with other members of The Guild of Machinists Twitter and Facebook. Good luck to everyone on The Muppet Company on your journey to create Continue iconic and special characters from your favorite people. Check out our Muppet Week Muppet Roundup. St. Patrick Welcome to St.

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Patrick, and welcome everyone, thank you for visiting! St. Patrick offers several hundred fantastic museums, monuments, institutions, historical sites and a variety of amazing places to visit. Be sure to choose your favorite museum, take pictures (even!), sign up for our newsletter or even create your own email newsletter. St. Patrick’s Home one of the few places website here of activities.

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Please meet with, invite to or see another St. Patrick and visit them or visit that museum near you. JAMES REIS: ST. PAMESTERS, “JOHNNY WENN GERTZ.” (1945-1939) (on Flickr) • 2 Photos by David J.

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Knappman THE EARTH SNAKES HIS LIFE When life begins on this surface, St. Patty writes one final email before disappearing. Not bad for the title of this post. It can come up often after a bath with your dog, a neighbor, a partner, or even a friend. It comes as no surprise that the most common name for this subject, the earth trip, comes from St.

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Patty all day, we do spend a host of days with him and visit with him each and every day to bring his story to life. We meet so many beautiful animals, especially those from nature and